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Life Care PLanning

What services does a Life Care Plan include?

Each Life Care Plan is customized to meet the needs of the individual and family involved. Most Life Care Plans will include one or more of the following services.



Legal Services

The legal issues created by aging, illness, chronic conditions or disability can be terrifying. That's why every Life Care Plan includes a customized mix of legal services designed to protect the loved one's interests and to provide for dependents and other family members now and in the future. Your Life Care Plan will include elder law, estate planning and advocacy services that are appropriate for your loved one's circumstances. You and your family can relax knowing that you are surrounded with legal support from experts who are familiar with every aspect of your situation.



Care Coordination

Many families who need help protecting an elderly loved one's assets also need help finding and coordinating care. They need help with decision-making as the elder's condition progresses. That's why care coordination services are part of nearly every Life Care Plan we develop.



Client Advocacy

Elders have a legal right to safe, effective, and patient-centered health care and long-term care. A Life Care Plan protects those rights. Our Certified Elder Law Attorneys and elder care coordinators work together to provide advocacy services that empower family caregivers and protect quality of life for elders.



Medicare and Insurance Support

Medical bills, EOBs, and insurance forms can be intimidating. Every Life Care Plan includes support with Medicare and insurance matters delivered by our in-house expert who has years of experience helping families resolve these important issues.




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