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What clients have to say about A/Z Health, Trust & Elder Law

"For years I had thought that I didn’t need a will. I am not married and have one daughter. Suzie would inherit everything. If I couldn’t make my medical decisions for myself... she would; it was just that simple.


It was upon losing my dear friend from cancer that made me realize how important it was to have my legal papers prepared prior to something happening and not thinking everything would work out just fine. Lenita and Mary Kay thank you so much."



Lemont, IL

"Lenita AuBuchon  helped me with my legal matters when my husband was so sick and passed away. I couldn’t have done it without her help. She specializes in Elder Law and has had 20 years’ experience. Also, she cares for her clients and is very attentive to their needs, is honest and lets you know roughly what the costs will be and why. She explains everything in layman’s terms and makes sure her clients understands what she says.


 In closing, I appreciate what she did for me and would recommend her to any of my relatives or friends."


M. E.

Wheaton, IL

"Making the decision to have a will drawn up is a big step. It can be very intimidating not knowing exactly how to put your wishes into words and making sure you are conveying your true actions. We chose A/Z Health, Trust & Elder Law LLC to draw up our Living Trust. A/Z captured our exact wishes and even brought up situations that never even occurred to us. Once our Living Trust was complete they went through the document page by page to explain every aspect. We are very happy with the product and service we received from A/Z."


L. G & R.G

Homer Glen, IL

We have had the opportunity, and pleasure, of engaging the service at A/Z Health, Trust & Elder Law for three family members.


In each case, the thoroughness, professionalism and support exceeded our expectations. The services provided extended from selecting an extended care facility, educating us on important areas to consider, attending meeting with care providers and acting as an advocate, to preparing all applicable legal documents, estate planning advice and after death services.


All of our interactions were provided with empathy, clarity and in alignment with our number one goal - taking the best care of our loved ones and making sure they were our priority. We live out of state from Illinois and they were always considerate of our schedule and accommodated accordingly.


Going through the challenges of helping a loved one, and families, through the aging process is not easy. There are big decisions and small decisions that need to be made and working with A/Z Elder Law helped us not only prepare for these decisions but were by our side as we made them. Working with the professionals in this firm gave us the encouragement, support and confidence we all needed to ensure we were focusing on the right things for our loved ones.


L. C. & L.C

Downers Grove, IL

Thank you for all you and your firm have done for us. We appreciate your expertise and consideration during this stressful time!


J. R

Palos Heights

"Thank you again for helping us out with John's insurance."



Wheaton, IL


“I have to “Thank you “ for all the many ways you have helped and supported me. A million thanks for everything.”



Downers Grove, IL

Health, Trust & Elder Law, LLC

Advocate · Counsel · Educate

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